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February 15, 2020


If you plan to visit tour Mount Bromo, then try as much as possible you should have been in Surabaya first. Good if you plan to travel alone or traveling with your group. Because you visit Mount Bromo is you are required to stay for one night first.

Don’t worry about going here if it’s your first time. Later, if you and your group go to Surabaya by airplane, our messenger to pick you up at Surabaya international airport. Or if you are at a hotel and are confused about what to go to use to come here, our messenger will pick you up too.

Later after being picked up, you will immediately be delivered here. Estimated travel time to get to the destination area of the post takes approximately 3 to 4 hours, depending on the traffic conditions that are lonely or crowded. After that, then you can stay for one night here, and it’s free.

Pananjakan Area

The journey tour Mount Bromo will start at 3am. You will be taken by a 4WD (JEEP) car to the very famous viewpoint here, which is Pananjakan area untuk melihat pemandangan sunrise edge close to the Tengger being the best place to see when the sun rises together small volcano.

Also, Mount Bromo with Mount Semeru, which is also still active, complements the scenery for a very fascinating background. So this is the best spot for you to take selfies or with a group as a memento. You will be here for some time until the sunlight above touches the surface below.

After that, the journey will continue and will take you to Mount Bromo which is still active. This will be the end and the main goal of your adventure journey to Mount Bromo later. Here also can be the right place for you to take selfies or selfies with a background of Mount Bromo which is still active directly.

After the trip, then you will be taken back to the inn again. Until your lodging agenda will be continued in the form of various activities such as breakfast, bathing, packing, and loading luggage into the car to take you back home. It depends on where you want to go. If you do not plan to stay overnight and plan to go home directly by plane, it will be delivered directly to the airport. Conversely, if you still plan to stay overnight and spend a few more days in Surabaya, it will be delivered directly to your hotel before when you were picked up yesterday.


There are some things that you need to understand and pay attention to when you buy this service package. As the main information, some of the services included in the package offered are

  • Duty fee
  • Servicing fee
  • Sleep at Cafe Lava Hotel, Lava View Lodge or Bromo Permai 1 for 1 night
  • Have breakfast at the hotel
  • Private vehicles with full AC
  • 4WD Jeep vehicle to go to Bromo
  • Experienced driver
  • Local guide with fluent English language skills
  • Entry fee for enter Bromo
  • Gasoline, parking fees, and donations


Here are some services that are not included in the package that you buy later. Among others are

  • Food (such as lunch and dinner)
  • Expense of each individual
  • Travel insurance

By knowing these things, it is expected that you will get enough detailed and clear information so that you know what services from the package you purchased and also what services are not included in the package you purchased. By knowing and buying the package, then you fully agree to the agreement that has been made for tour Mount Bromo.

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Tour Mount Bromo