Travel To Mount Bromo And Ijen Tour

July 11, 2022

Mount bromo and ijen tour is a traveler journey to get the day break at the most important zeniths of Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen, Mount Bromo is in the space of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park and Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi. Both have their own uniqueness. Bromo Crater which is arranged between the vastest Caldera in a stretch of sea of sand and Ijen Crater which has Blue Flames among sulfur mining and its lake with Blue Sapphire nuances.

Tips for traveling to Mount Bromo and Ijen

Here are Mount bromo and ijen tour tips that we can give you;

Bring Glasses, Hats, Masks and also Sunblock

We know that Mount Bromo has a wide expanse of sand. Of course, also the hot sun during the day. In addition, the smell of sulfur is also very pungent in your nose. You will also be protected from the heat of the sun and dust that may be blown by the wind that may enter your eyes.

Wear Shoes

Many travelers like to wear sandals because they are considered very practical. But when you travel to Bromo and Ijen we suggest you wear shoes. To protect your feet from the rocks and also to warm your feet from the cold of Mount Bromo and Ijen.

Come on Weekdays

If possible, you can plan a Bromo Ijen tour on weekdays. Why is that? To avoid full of visitors on Mount Bromo. Because when there are not many tourists, of course you can enjoy the scenery and natural beauty of Mount Bromo freely without having to fight for places with others.

Anticipate Cold weather

Bromo is one of the famous cold tourist destinations. Therefore, you are required to bring a thick jacket just in case. Especially at night, the weather on Mount Bromo will be even colder. Moreover, the level of cold reaches below 10 degrees Celsius. In addition to a jacket, don’t forget to bring warm gloves too. Because this really helps you in this Bromo tour.

Take a tour at the start of the Dry Season

If you want to get the most beautiful panorama during your Mount Bromo And Ijen tour, then coming there at the beginning of the dry season is the right choice. The rainy season has passed, causing the plants around Bromo to become green so that it really spoils your eyes. This will be reversed if you come during the dry season or the beginning of the rainy season. Then what you get is a barren view and also a stretch of brown sand.