Unforgettable Trip To Mount Bromo – Enjoying The Heaven Sunrise

April 30, 2022

Indonesia lies on top of the volcano line. Therefore, this country was blessed with thousands of active volcanoes, which affect the soil fertility on each of its islands. People who live in this archipelago use that as the media for agriculture. Therefore, Indonesia was also once known as an agricultural country. On the other hand, with so many mountains in this country, this place has also become a paradise for climbers. Many mountains offer challenges and, more importantly, magical scenery that can’t be found elsewhere. Mount Bromo is one of them.

The Sunrise of Heaven

Mount Bromo is one of the most popular destinations in the world where people can watch one of the most beautiful sunrise scenery in the world. This mountain also has a unique geographical structure, which also gives you another adventure you can try here.

Mount Bromo is an active volcano. It stands tall at 2.392 meters above sea level. Surrounding this mountain, you can find a huge desert full of volcanic ash. It is different from the desert in other countries. It is black, dark, and mysterious. This place is another destination you can visit for an unforgettable trip on your trip to Mount Bromo. With the size of 10 square kilometers, you have enough space to exhaust your adventure fuel. 

However, most people visit this sacred mountain for Hindu people in East Java not only for exploring its desert and trying to hear the whispering sand phenomena. The main purpose of the Mount Bromo visit is its sunrise scenery. You can enjoy it through Mount Penanjakan, the best Bromo sunrise viewpoint, located the Southwest of Mount Bromo.

If you use a travel agency, you will start your trip to the sunrise spot at dawn. Some travel agencies even have a tour where you visit other places before enjoying the sunrise. So, you might have to depart at midnight. In short, you will climb the mountain to the viewpoint before the sun rises from the horizon. Once you arrive at the viewpoint, we recommend you do these several things. Prepare your heart and camera. You are about to see one of the most beautiful creations of God there.

When the sun slowly rises from the horizon, its light shines through the fog and diffuses before it reaches the surface of Mount Bromo. The geographical texture of Mount Bromo is emphasized. It creates one of the best natural scenery combinations that will move your heart. Indeed, this is one of the best scenery you can see. Not only on Java Island or Indonesia, but also on Earth. Get inspired and enjoy the view.

Once the sunrise view is over, do not move your feet yet. Wait a bit at the viewpoint to witness magical scenery. When the sun has risen, and its light creates a beautiful illumination around you, you can finally see the cloud move slowly on the bottom area of Mount Bromo. The movement is so smooth. It almost looks like the gentle wave of the ocean. People call this scenery the country above the clouds. You will feel like a resident of paradise thanks to this beautiful scenery.

After that, you can descend and start another adventure in the sand area of Mount Bromo. Ride the off-road vehicle or rent a horse to explore this area. In the center of the desert, you also can find a Hindu temple that people use to pray and hold religious rituals or events. If you visit this place during the event, you might be able to see them.


Mount Bromo is one of the mountains in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. As its name implies, you also can find other mountains here and visit them. Some popular destinations for climbers are Mount Semeru, Mount Tengger, Mount Batok, and of course, mount Bromo. 

Administratively, Mount Bromo location is in four different regencies, which are Probolinggo Regency, Pasuruan Regency, Lumajang Regency, and Malang Regency. Therefore, you can use one of those four cities as your base before starting your trip to Mount Bromo to enjoy the sunrise and adventure in its volcanic ash desert. Get the best travel agency and enjoy your adventure. It will be the most unforgettable experience in your life.