Bromo And Ijen Tour: The Perfect 3-Day Route

December 5, 2022

Bromo is a mountain located in Probolinggo Regency. The mountain is part of the Bromo National Park which is the most popular tourist destination in East Java. This mountain was formed from the eruption of Mount Tengger and eventually formed a caldera with a diameter of more than 8 km. With its exotic beauty, this tourist spot is always crowded with local and foreign tourists.

Not far from Bromo, there is an Ijen. This place is a lake at the top of Mount Ijen. The crater lake is in the middle of the largest caldera on the island of Java. This makes Ijen Crater crowned as the crater in the world. With an acidity level close to zero, the lake is able to quickly melt the human body. Well, the uniqueness and beauty of the crater is what ultimately makes many people flock to it.

For those who are interested in taking a vacation and planning to do Mount Bromo Ijen tour, you can use our Bromo Ijen Tour Three Days Two Nights. Want to know about that tour package? Check out these reviews.

First Day

Well, this Bromo Ijen tour package serves tourists who depart from Surabaya. So, for those of you who are from outside Surabaya, you can go to Surabaya first. We can serve pick-up locations from hotels, airports, or train stations in Surabaya. Next, you will be escorted to the Bromo area.

Upon arrival at Bromo, you can check-in at the hotel around the Bromo National Park area. Then, enjoy the rest time or free recreation that you can do there before starting your second day at Bromo.

As a suggestion, you can visit Mount Teletubbies Bromo which is often used as a favorite place for tourists to take pictures. There is a beautiful view there which presents a row of green hills. Well, you can also come to Pura Luhur Poten. This one tourist spot is a unique object in Bromo. It is a place of worship for Hindus. During Nyepi, the place is very crowded because it is used as a place of worship there.

If you like watching sunsets, you can go to Mentingen Hill. If you stay in the Cemara Lawang Probolinggo area, you can walk to get to the hill.

The Second Day

On the second day of Bromo Ijen Tour Three Days Two Nights, we will guide you to explore famous objects in Bromo. From your accommodation, we will pick you up in a 4WD Jeep equipped with a private driver. Pick-up is carried out at 03.00 in the morning local time. Then, the driver will take you on an hour’s drive up the mountain. You can enjoy mountain climbing while drinking coffee and seeing the sunrise. After that, you can return to the parking area and visit the famous Bromo sand sea.

If you are satisfied enjoying the sea of sand, the driver will park the car and you can walk to Bromo Crater. Next, you can return to the hotel to rest or prepare for departure to Banyuwangi. If you are not satisfied exploring Bromo, you still have time to explore it yourself.

As a recommendation, you can visit the Savanna Grassland which is located in the south east of Mount Bromo. The meadow is located in a green valley surrounded by high cliffs and small mountains. The scenery there is not in the form of an arid sea of ​​sand, but a vast and beautiful expanse of meadows. So, don’t miss the beauty of this grass savanna.

The Third Day

Your Mount Bromo Ijen tour package 3 days is almost complete. On this third day, we will take you to Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi. We will pick up at 00.30 in the morning. Then, we will drive to Ijen basecamp which takes one hour from Banyuwangi hotel to get there.

After arriving, you can rest while enjoying coffee or briefing. After that, you can start climbing Mount Ijen. When you reach the peak, you can freely enjoy the beauty of the Blue Fire and explore Ijen Crater.

Next, you have to return to basecamp. From basecamp, we will take you to your hotel so you can have breakfast. After breakfast, you can check out and we will take you to Ketapang Ferry Port. Then, you have to check-in to be able to leave for Gilimanuk Ferry Port, Bali.

So, that’s the Bromo Ijen tour from Surabaya that we provide for you. With a fairly affordable price, you can enjoy the tour to Bromo and Ijen. So, immediately plan your vacation to Bromo and Ijen because our Bromo Ijen Tour Three Days Two Nights service is ready to serve you.

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