Jakarta To Ijen Crater Blue Fire

October 1, 2019


Working in a crowded city like Jakarta can be very stressful, you usually have limited time to spend on vacation. Catch a flight to a far way east java to enjoy the beauty of the Ijen crater with its blue fire will spoil your short holiday. It will take 2 days and 1 night from Jakarta to Ijen crater blue fire and you are ready to throw yourself back to work with less stress.

To get there

Located in the tip of Java, you will find it is such an ordinary volcano in the daytime. To experience the breathtaking view, you are going to have to visit the site just after midnight. You must walk up to the tip of the Ijen Mountain and then go down to the crater. The distance you must conquer is about 3 kilometers away and you can reach there within 1 to 2 hours of hiking. With an altitude of more than 2000 meters above sea level, the freezing temperature will accompany you along the way.

Inside the Ijen crater

Just after you reach the top of Mount Ijen, you must go down to see the crater. And right after you start to go down, the smell of toxic sulfur will welcome you. Attention, a gas mask is obligatory here. The sulfur fumes will disturb your ability to breath, also will block your sight. When arriving at the bottom of the crater you will have the scenery like nowhere you have ever seen. The vibrant blue flames emitting from the ground. This blue fire results from the sulfur accumulated inside the volcano. This heavenly sight is best to be seen in the deep dark of the night, which means that you must start your journey from the middle of the night and prepare to be awake for a long time.

The sulfur miners

Your trip from Jakarta to Ijen crater blue fire will not be completed if you have not noticed the sulfur miners around you when you go to see the blue flames. The sulfur warriors are those men who work carrying sulfurs with the weight up to 80 kg without any machine helping them or gas mask to protect them from sulfur fumes. They come from the villages around the volcano.

By earning less than 7 US dollars or 100 thousand rupiahs they are risking their life and health. You have nothing to lose if you take them as your guide by giving them tip money for about 10- 20 thousand rupiah that they can use to buy some cigarettes as a treat for themselves.

Use tour package

It is always fun to plan your vacation yourself you can go from Jakarta to Ijen crater blue fire by yourself, but it is always easier if you take a tour package. Many tours and travel companies are offering the best tour that you can adjust to your schedule. you can save yourself from extra work from finding a ride, guide and even place to stay.