6 Tips To Follow During Ijen Blue Fire Tour

August 12, 2020

Ijen Blue Fire Tour, are there some tips so that your trip there is done smoothly? Spending your time on vacation must be interesting. Moreover, it is if you have a chance to visit a beautiful place that is talked about by many people. Of course, you must not miss this one out.

Unfortunately, not all tourist objects are really comfortable and easy to reach. Particularly if you are going to a mountainous area, it means you must climb and do other things to get there well. The same thing is when you want to go to Ijen Crater and enjoy the phenomenon of Blue Fire. After being on top, everything is indeed incredible. But to go up there, it must be really tiring. To help you conquer the mount well, here are some tips you need to follow particularly for beginners.


Train Yourself

To reach the top of the crater in Ijen Blue Fire Tour, it means you must climb the mount with a distance of around 3 km. The duration is 2-3 hours based on the surveys. Sure, it is not an easy thing mainly the route is almost always going up. Therefore, if you are rarely exercising, you can be simply tired only after a few meters. At least a week before the schedule to Ijen Crater, prepare you by doing some exercises.

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You can start it with mild exercises like walking around or running to stretch your muscles. It is not bad to practice it more by choosing a climbing path. Although it is important to prepare and train your physical conditions, it doesn’t mean you can just do it too much. Of course, you must not want to be sick when the D-day has come. A very important message about this matter is about doing exercises regularly, whether or not you want to go to Ijen Crater.

Brings Tools and Equipment Needed

Next, you must prepare some important tools before starting your trip. What to bring must be those tools that are really needed. Meanwhile, it is better to leave unimportant things behind since they can be your burden when climbing. What are those important tools?

First, there is a respiratory or safety mask to protect you from the sulfur smell that is really stingy on the top of Mount Ijen. If you don’t have it, you can rent it in the rental stall available at the starting point. Second, you must also prepare a flashlight or even a headlamp. Climbing Ijen Crater is started at night, making the path to be very dark.

Third, snacks and drinks must also be provided. On top of the mount, there are no stalls or restaurants. Some stalls are only around the starting points. Lastly, make sure to bring a trekking pool since this tool is important to grab when climbing to the top of the crater. In a group of visitors, a trekking pool is enough.

Use Services from a Local Guide

If you have no experience of climbing at all, or this is your first experience in the Ijen Tour Package, you should use services from a local guide. During the Ijen Blue Fire Tour, the tour guide will show you the route as well as suggest to you what to do and what not to do. There is no worry about being lost or something since those guides must be very experienced and trained.

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Additionally, the trip to the top must be really tiring. That’s why; you need motivation from someone who knows the location very well. In a worse condition, when you cannot continue to walk or something, the guide will give you the best solution to what you need to do. Indeed, not all local guides are trusted and credible. Therefore, make sure to go to a credible tour agency. The guides provided are commonly more professional and credible to avoid bad experiences that may happen.

Manage Your Money

You must learn about what you need to buy in Ijen Crater. For example, they are entrance tickets, foods, drinks, renting the respiratory mask, and more. Find information as much as possible about those things. If they have been prepared by your tour agency, it is good for sure. It becomes more practical. But if they are not, it means you must manage your money yourself.

It is also important not to bring cash in a large amount when traveling. Another idea is by separating your money, not putting them in one place only. You never know what will happen on your trip. Ijen Crater is like other tourism places where you can meet many people from various backgrounds. Not all of them may have a good intention for sure. By separating your money, if some of them are lost somewhere, you still have the backup.

No Toilet on the Top of the Mount

Yes, there is no place for peeing when you have been on the top. So, no matter what finally happens there, you must do it when still in the starting point. The starting point provides you some public toilets to use. You only need to pay some money which is not expensive as well. Sure, the money is later for the location’s treatment.

Drinking too much when climbing is still okay since the water may turn into a sweat. However, it is not really suggested when on the top since the air is also very cold there. If you have a problem peeing so many times in a day, of course, drinking too much water on the top is not a good idea.

Follow the Instruction

No matter how beautiful it is, Ijen Crater description is still an area that is sometimes dangerous. The crater contains sulfur that can be poisonous if you inhale it too much. Besides, the lovely blue fire is still a kind of fire that is dangerous. So, you must stay away from it based on the instruction given. In terms of the sulfur thing, this is why you must wear the mask also. Make sure to not go too far from the location where your group is gathered. You must not want to get lost during the Ijen Blue Fire tour, mustn’t you?

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